General Information

Practice Location

Abounding Grace Counseling, LLC
232 Vance Road, Suite 104A; Valley Park, MO 63088
Office Phone: (314) 596-2978 |  Fax Number: (314) 474-0107



Mondays – Thursdays, 12:00 – 8:00pm

Scheduling An Appointment

Please note that therapy sessions are by appointment only.

Potential new clients who are interested in setting up an appointment may contact me directly at (314) 596-2978.  At that point we can have a brief discussion regarding your specific needs (e.g. therapeutic goals, scheduling availability, insurance, etc.) and evaluate whether we might be a good match.  If so, I will request your basic demographic information in order to set you up in my database and then I will send you a follow-up email invitation to join my client portal where you can complete the paperwork prior to your first appointment.

Current clients may schedule their appointments through their online portal and/or in our counseling sessions.

Preparing for your First Visit

It is completely normal to feel anxious prior to your first counseling session.  It’s difficult to open up to a complete stranger and talk about your deepest hurts, fears, problems and mistakes.  Your initial session is a time for you and your counselor to briefly discuss the issues you are dealing with and to see if you and your counselor present as a good fit for each other. Please know that whomever you see for counseling, you always have the freedom to choose a different counselor at any time. 

On some occasions your therapist may refer you to another counselor with a differing specialization in order to provide you with the best care.  For example, if I have a client who discloses a substance abuse problem with me, I would refer that client to a counselor who specializes in substance abuse treatment since that form of treatment would likely be more effective.  

The Counseling Process

Although every counselor is different in how they work with new clients, there are common principles and practices that a good counselor will use:

Paperwork – The initial paperwork you will need to complete (commonly referred to as “Intake Forms”) ensure accurate records and kept and in compliance with professional, state, and HIPAA regulations.  Paperwork often includes an Informed Consent form, Practice Policies, HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices and Client Rights, Fee Agreement, and Client Questionnaire.

Client Files – In the state of Missouri, Counselors are mandated to keep a file on each of their clients for five years following the date of their last session (five years after the client turns age 18 when counseling a minor). These files are to be kept in a locked facility and/or on a secure, HIPAA compliant internet server to ensure confidentiality.  Clients are legally able to view their records.

Confidentiality – Counselors are obligated to keep your information completely confidential except under certain circumstances required by law (e.g. if we believe a client is a harm to self or others, particularly in the case of minors).  Additionally, if your records are subpoenaed we are legally obligated to turn them over to the authorities.  At times counselors may also need to consult with other licensed health care providers regarding your case in order to provide you with the best care possible.  

Counseling Sessions – Most counselors hold weekly or bi-monthly sessions that are 45-55 minutes in length.  

Counseling Duration – The counseling process can take as little as four weeks to as long as a lifetime.  Everyone is different and will process through their issues at a different pace.  Individuals with severe mental health issues or long-term illnesses are likely to need more time in counseling.  A good therapist will check in with you periodically throughout the duration of counseling to monitor your progress and re-evaluate the therapeutic goals.  You have the right to terminate your counseling and/or switch to a different therapist at any time.

Abounding Grace Counseling, LLC Documents

The licensing and governing boards that oversee the field of mental health counseling require that we provide clients with certain information prior to and throughout our counseling relationship.  Listed below are some of these documents for your reference (click on the title below to review the PDF document)